Wooden Guttering In Sheffield

Preparing a wooden gutter joint

There are a lot of properties still utilizing wooden gutters in Sheffield. But these days there aren't many companies like ourselves at A1 Gutterclean that specialise in their repair and installation. Over the years we've repaired and fitted a huge number of wood gutters and as such feel we are highly qualified to carry out this type of work for our clients.

If you think your timber gutters are starting to rot we'd be happy to take a look at them to ascertain whether repairs are possible. If they are the options then are to re line them with our specialist liquid coating system or to re seal any leaking guttering joints etc. Our tradesmen can sometimes even remove short rotten sections of the guttering and piece in new one's.
Any of these gutter repairs would save you a substantial amount on the cost of new guttering. However if a repair isn't possible we can provide you with a competitive quote to fit replacement guttering instead.

If you do need new gutters installing, please don't automatically assume that new wooden one's won't last as long as say uPVC or Seamless Aluminium will. With the correct paint layers applied to the top quality wooden gutters we use. Plus a thick coating of bitumen applied internally to protect the gutters "trough" they will last for years with occasional cleaning out etc.
Granted the actual uPVC or aluminium materials that other gutters are made from can last a long time. Sadly though the limited lifespan of the rubber seals used in the uPVC gutter fittings and the mastic sealants in the joints (to neighbouring gutters), end caps and outlet units of seamless aluminium gutters mean these do leak eventually.

Another important point to consider if new gutters are needed is, does the property have an older roof that may require occasional repairs. If it does, please be aware that wooden gutters are very strong and allow for much easier and safer access onto a roof than lightweight uPVC and seamless aluminium gutters do. For instance when putting ladders with a mans weight against or inside them. This in turn might mean that with wood at least, scaffolding will not be required to facilitate roofing work. Thus meaning a potentially big saving over time.

To discuss your requirements further and receive totally unbiased advice from a company who repairs and fully installs all the major types of guttering systems available ie wood, uPVC and Twinplas gutter etc. Please call Craig on 07939 203982 or email us .


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Important: Simple, relatively inexpensive cleaning of your gutters can cure those persistant nagging drips, which if left, will eventually lead to soaked brickwork and costly damage to internal plaster and decorations.