uPVC Cleaning in Sheffield

Whilst newly fitted white uPVC gutters, fascia, windows and doors etc make a property look marvelous to begin with. Once the white plastic becomes dirty and pitted the exact opposite happens and a property suddenly starts to look old, drab and rundown even. Since we began cleaning the external face of these items the reaction from the customer has always been one of amazement. Especially when they see the finished job and recall the way they felt originally when these products were first installed. The only difference being that back then they paid several £1000s whereas now they're paying just a fraction of that for the same feeling!

Our decision to offer external uPVC cleaning in Sheffield came about as a result of the constant demand for the service from many of our internal gutter cleaning clients. Not only did they want their gutters clearing so they functioned correctly in getting rid of rainwater. They wanted to improve the visual aspect of the outside of their properties too via clean white fascia's, soffits and window frames etc. We held back from getting involved for some time though as we wanted to be certain that if we did offer the service we could do so to the same high standard that we maintain whilst gutter cleaning.

Whilst studying the make up of external white plastic building products it became obvious that the cream cleaners that most people tend to use were too abrasive. Yes they do a reasonable job of removing dirt but they also remove the protective outer film coating that these white uPVC items have. Once that's gone the plastic becomes dirty again very quickly and so badly engrained that nothing will fully remove it.
Initially we spoke to numerous manufacturers of specialist cleaning products until eventually we came across the one we were looking for. Tests on white plastic products with this specific cleaning agent showed us that whilst the outer protective film remained fully in tact the plastic returned to it's original brilliant white colour. At that point we finally began offering the uPVC cleaning service in Sheffield.

If you would like a price for any uPVC gutters, fascia/ soffit boards, window, doors or cladding etc restoring back to white again please contact us. We also provide a normal window (glass) cleaning service which includes a light clean of the frames (at no extra cost) which will keep the uPVC frames whiter for longer.

Should you prefer to discuss the matter in detail over the phone, please speak to Craig on 07939 203982. Alternatively you can email craig@a1gutterclean.co.uk or send a text to the mobile number just mentioned.
Another option is to simply send a few photo's (by text or email) taken from around your property showing the items you'd like cleaning. Include your name, address and confirm what needs doing. We'll text or email you back within two working days with a no obligation price for your approval.

Though we carry out internal gutter cleaning all year round (unless the weather prevents it). So far as external white uPVC cleaning is concerned, experience tells us that spring, summer and early autumn (April to October) are the best times to undertake this type of work.
Therefore as the saying goes.. 'please book early to avoid disappointment'!