Roof and Gutter Moss Removal in Sheffield

Moss removal in Sheffield

Roof moss removal in Sheffield is a highly skilled, dangerouse job. We always ensure that there is edge protection in the form of scaffolding to prevent a fall from the roof. Moss on a roof when wet can be very slippery, almost like glass. You only fall from a roof once!

The technique we employ for moss and lichen removal is eco friendly, being void of chemicals which can be harmful to birds and wild animals, such as squirrels etc. Instead we use specialist scraping tools and stiff brushes. We definitely do not advocate the use of pressure washers either. On older roofs especially these high pressure water jets can break roof slates or tiles thus allowing water to penetrate the building. The high pressure water can also be forced underneath the tiles and into the roof void!

In addition to the protection a scaffold gives to our workers and members of the public, it is also a requirement of Health and Safety. The consequences of being found working on a roof without scaffolding these days can be very severe. With big fines resulting from an action by the Health & Safety Inspectorate being the norm.

If you would like us to do a small 'test' area of moss removal from a low down point on the roof, then for a small fee to cover our time we would be happy to do this. It would be done whilst standing on top of a ladder as opposed to climbing onto the roof. Climbing onto the roof would require the installation of scaffold as stated.

The benefit of a test clean of roof moss and lichens would be to give you an opportunity to see the standard that could be achieved before you commit to a full or part roof moss clean.