Moss Removal Sheffield

Moss is unsightly and eventually blocks the guttering..

A build up of moss and lichens on a roof or timber decking etc is not only very unsightly but can be very dangerous too. Also where it clings to the roof it can be washed off in heavy rain and down into the gutters blocking them up (see image left). Moss removal from a roof is a highly skilled and dangerous job. The roof being very slippery where the moss clings to the tiles. Great care needs to be taken when carrying out this sort of work which includes pressure jetting the moss from the tiles. This type of job will almost certainly require us to include for the use of scaffolding in order to conform with current Health & Safety Regulations for 'Work At Height'.
Moss on paths and wooden decking is not only awful to look at but can be very dangerous too. Especially to the elderly, very young and infirm. As well as removing moss etc from around a property we can also install an excellent anti slip product specifically designed to provide safe walkways across wooden decking. Thus allowing less dangerous access in times of heavy moss etc to get down to gardens to feed birds, hang washing out on better days or maybe to get to the refuse bin more safely.
If you would like a price for moss removal from a roof, gutters or timber decking area please call us.

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Important: Simple inexpensive cleaning of your gutters can cure those persistant nagging drips, which if left, will eventually lead to soaked brickwork and costly damage to internal plaster and decorations.