Leaking Gutter Joints And Gutters In Sheffield

Leaking gutter joints etc or drips from the actual gutters themselves are notoriously difficult to repair. However over the years whilst dealing with a lot of leaky gutters in Sheffield we believe we have found the best method to stop the leaks and so buy the customer a bit more time before they need to look seriously at full gutter replacement. The first thing to do is get the leaking gutters thoroughly cleaned out, then dried around the vicinity of the leak and finally apply a sealant that's capable of stopping the leak.

In terms of sourcing a sealant capable of stopping leaks in the numerous guttering materials normally found ie wood, uPVC, cast iron and aluminium a lot of trial and experimentation has been necessary. However here at A1 Gutterclean in Sheffield we finally experienced our 'Eureeka' moment several years ago when we managed to discover what we now class as the perfect all round gutter repair solution. The product is an acrylic liquid repair compound which incorporates a flexible anti bond break system with the inclusion of strengthening fibres. The complex make up of the sealant is partly designed to help overcome the problem of expansion and contraction (which causes splitting) during extremes of weather ie going from hot to very cold. These changes in temperature along with ice and snow eventually cause the most often used products like silicone mastic and bitumastic type sealants to break down and fail. Whereas we find that the product we use doesn't suffer this type of failure. The second thing of importance and something synonymous with this particular sealant is that it is designed to be used in damp conditions. With all gutter leaks occurring when it is raining and wet this is very useful!

Our success rate with the flexible gutter sealant is very good to say the least in terms of stopping gutter joints and gutters themselves from leaking. That said we do get the odd occasion where even this excellent product fails to stop a leaking gutter. For this reason it would be foolish of us to give a 100% guarantee that every single application on older leaking guttering will be a success. Rest assured though that as with any guttering task we undertake we will do the very best we possibly can to solve the problem.

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Important: Simple, relatively inexpensive cleaning of your gutters can cure those persistant nagging drips, which if left, will eventually lead to soaked brickwork and costly damage to internal plaster and decorations.