Gutter Cleaning In Sheffield

More like Kew Gardens than a household gutter!
Gutter cleaning is a job that is often overlooked because the gutters are nearly always hard to reach and so dangerous to work on. Plus when done properly it's also a filthy job. Gutters though are an essential part of your home's weatherproofing system. Unless your gutters are cleaned out at regular intervals ie yearly they'll continue to collect airborne leaves, dust, dirt and grit. Moss from the surface of roof tiles will fall into the gutters and seeds entering them will eventually grow into weeds or grasses etc (see photo left). The debris in your gutters can build up very quickly depending on the location of the property. Eventually it will restrict the flow of rain water along the gutters allowing it to pool and sit over joints etc. Something you may be totally unaware of. The rubber and mastic seals in the gutter joints will eventually perish and start to drip water. Worse still during very heavy rainfall the debris in the gutters can get washed along them and into the down pipes blocking these too. You can normally tell when a down pipe is blocked as water will cascade from around it and from over the top of the gutter too. Removing a blockage in a down pipe can be far more difficult, time consuming and therefore expensive than simply clearing out a gutter regularly. Unlike debris in a gutter you cannot normally see the exact location of a blockage in a down pipe. In addition and where the pipe includes numerous bends, it can prove impossible to remove the blockage using traditional drain rodding equipment etc and then your only course of action is to dismantle the pipe (if it's plastic) completely, discard it and then install a full new down pipe. Down pipes made of cast iron or that are set into concrete at ground level (rather than the more normal open grate/ gulley with cover arrangement) are particularly difficult to deal with when blocked. In the case of cast iron pipe it will require breaking up in order to be able to fully remove then replace it. The down pipe set into concrete at ground level may include the need for replacement of part of the underground drainage system at the point where the down pipe is concreted into it as described. All are potentially very expensive jobs to complete.

So you can see now from the above how important it is to maintain free flowing gutters. A correctly installed, regularly cleaned out gutter system also prevents rain water from overflowing and soaking your house walls etc. Ensuring that rain water flows away from your house properly not only protects the fabric of the building but the foundations too. It also prevents unsightly water stains and moss etc from developing on your house walls and keep paths around the property drier and so ice-free in the wintertime. Most important of all a free flowing, unclogged gutter system will prevent rainwater from overflowing and possibly entering your home via the cavity walls etc and eventually damaging the internal plastering and decorations.

Gutter Inspection Service: Call us now and request a detailed inspection of your guttering system. If we find any debris in them we'll photo it to show you and also provide a no obligation, competitive price to clean the gutters out. Possibly during that same visit. Prevention's better than cure and as previously explained, cleaning out guttering is much simpler and cheaper than dealing with blocked downpipes etc.

Gutter Cleaning Service: Over the years we have tested many methods of gutter cleaning, including industrial vacuuming and high pressure washing. After doing so, it is our opinion, without any doubt whatsoever that the best finish will always be achieved by hand cleaning using specialist brushes, poles and scrapers etc. The main reason being that as with the vacuum for instance, mechanical appliances cannot reach into a gutters many nooks and crannies. Places with much restricted access such as where roof tiles have been fitted too far down into a gutters trough or the tight square corners of aluminium gutters with their mass of cross strengthening braces etc. It is only the deftness and skill of an operatives hands that can remove all traces of gutter debris. The use of a high pressure washer to simply push the debris along the gutters, as we're told some companies do and into the down pipes simply ends up blocking those instead. Or worse still the drain that the down pipe flows into. You'll likely not be aware of that though until after you pay them and they have left!

Gutter Flushing Service: As well as hand clearing debris from the insides of your gutters as described above we are also able to offer an additional light flushing/ power washing service. Unlike with the use of industrial pressure washers (which are so powerful that they can damage the rubber/mastic seals in the gutters joints and also force water via huge pressure behind the guttering up under the roof tiles and into the building itself causing damage to internal decorations) our technique includes the use of lighter hand held power washing units or simply a hose with a special high pressure nozzle attached. We flush the inside of any gutters that we have previously hand cleaned thereby removing any remaining fine dust particles etc. We also allow the water jet to play over the outside face of the gutters and any uPVC fascia boards etc to wash and remove any dust particles from these surfaces too (details/ seperate price on request). Please note that this flushing/ washing service is completely different to our white uPVC Cleaning and Restoration Service mentioned on the home page.

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Important: Simple, relatively inexpensive cleaning of your gutters can cure those persistant nagging drips, which if left, will eventually lead to soaked brickwork and costly damage to internal plaster and decorations.