Blocked Down (Fall) Pipes Sheffield

Gutter,outlet and downpipe with bends.
Blocked down pipes often occur at the gutter outlet hole, but sometimes the obstruction is in the bends (swan neck) at the top of the down pipe. Occasionally a blockage may occur in the down pipe itself and these are the most difficult to clear.
Finally on odd occasions the blockage is in the drain (gulley) right at the very bottom of the down pipe and for these reasons we look at each problem individually and provide a solution for that particular type of blockage. It may be that simply clearing the outlet hole in the gutter will allow water to run freely down to the drains again, however at the other end of the spectrum the down pipe may need to be removed to clear the blockage or the drain cleared with jetting equipment.


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Important: Simple inexpensive cleaning of your gutters can cure those persistant nagging drips, which if left, will eventually lead to soaked brickwork and costly damage to internal plaster and decorations.